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100 Things Kids Learn On a Homestead

As part of our homestead journey, I’ve been realizing more and more how much learning occurs in real life… The stuff we do everyday, just as a matter of course. They might not get to do as much if they were in school all day long, homeschooling definitely allows my kids oodles of free play,… Continue reading 100 Things Kids Learn On a Homestead


How The “Back to Eden” Movie Changed Our Life

“Go out to where nature has not been disturbed, look at what it is doing and copy it!” – Paul Gautschi Four years ago I happened upon Paul Gautschi’s film, Back to Eden. You can watch the film for FREE here. This is not your average documentary. I would call it more of a game-changer. I… Continue reading How The “Back to Eden” Movie Changed Our Life


A Study of Parsley

I’m currently taking a Botany course, in the interest of learning more about my garden and horticulture in general. Part of the course requires me to research a plant, and I figured, hey – what better place to put this information than here! We’ll learn together! Parsley Genus and Specie Petroselinum crispum Botanical Family Apiaceae Part… Continue reading A Study of Parsley