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100 Things Kids Learn On a Homestead

Post header showing 2 brown eggs in a nest with a captionAs part of our homestead journey, I’ve been realizing more and more how much learning occurs in real life… The stuff we do everyday, just as a matter of course. They might not get to do as much if they were in school all day long, homeschooling definitely allows my kids oodles of free play, discovery and exploration time.

Here are some of the things my kids have learned thus far on our homestead (this list is by no means exhaustive, and in no particular order).

  1. Why we have chickens and where eggs come from.
  2. How to gather eggs and what happens when you drop one.
  3. How to safely (or dangerously) chop down trees.
  4. What tadpoles look and feel like in your hands.
  5. What happens when don’t hold on to your bunny securely.
  6. How hard it is to raise bunnies.
  7. Respect of machinery – how to keep a safe distance from operating farm implements.
  8. How good it feels to dig in fresh spring soil.
  9. How many baby spiders come out of a spider nest.
  10. What is compost and how to make it.
  11. How to amend soil with mulch, manure, compost, leaves, straw, shredded paper, etc.
  12. How to wait until berries are ripe before you pick them.
  13. All about moles: what they do, what their hole looks like and how to get rid of them.
  14. Why deers nibble the tips of the fruit trees.
  15. How to stay very quiet and still when watching moose.
  16. What happens when you drop a baby chick from a high level.
  17. How to dig a hole and bury an animal.
  18. How to paint outdoor buildings.
  19. How to remove paint from surfaces that shouldn’t be painted.
  20. What carpenter ants look like and why they shouldn’t be in the house.
  21. How to grind fresh wheat.
  22. How good fresh baked bread smells.
  23. How to catch frogs.
  24. How to keep a pet frog.
  25. What happens when you leave a frog in a plastic container in the hot sun.
  26. How to remove slivers from the soles of your feet.
  27. Why shoes were invented and how they keep your feet safe.
  28. What to feed chickens.
  29. Why it’s important to get a septic tank emptied.
  30. All about what goes into a septic tank.
  31. How to know when corn is ready to be picked.
  32. How to climb trees.
  33. How to apply basic first aid to cuts, scrapes, and bruises.
  34. How to make homemade yogurt.
  35. How long it takes to pick a winter’s supply of berries.
  36. Why it takes longer to fill a bucket of berries when you keep eating them.
  37. What to do if you encounter bears.
  38. How to hang laundry on a clothesline.
  39. Why line-dried laundry smells so good.
  40. How to kill a chicken and butcher it.
  41. How to wait patiently for eggs to hatch.
  42. All about the Circle of Life.
  43. What a rotten egg smells like and how to dispose of it safely.
  44. Why fresh piles of something are always fun to climb on… straw, gravel, dirt, mulch, sand.
  45. Why you shouldn’t climb on piles of manure.
  46. How to start seedlings.
  47. What plants need to grow well.
  48. How to recognize a wasps nest.
  49. How to put vinegar on a wasp or bee sting to take the hurt away.
  50. How to recognize the difference between a honeybee, wasp, or bumblebee.
  51. The care and maintenance of honeybees and their hive.
  52. How to harvest honeycomb.
  53. The subtle change of flavours in honey over the season.
  54. How to glean and clean beeswax from a honeycomb.
  55. How to make candles from beeswax.
  56. Why it’s a good idea to feed wild birds in the winter.
  57. What kinds of birds live in our area.
  58. What a robins nest and her blue eggs look like.
  59. Why woodpeckers peck certain trees and not others.
  60. What a hawk looks like up close.
  61. Why hawks are a danger to chickens.
  62. How to install netting above a chicken pen to keep hawks out.
  63. What a weasel looks like and where they can be found.
  64. How to investigate a homestead murder mystery involving a bunny and a possible weasel suspect.
  65. Why it’s a good idea to collect rain water in rain barrels.
  66. What a drought is and how it can affect your environment.
  67. What grasshoppers look like and why they are more numerous during a drought year.
  68. How to care for a horse.
  69. Safety and handling around a horse.
  70. Why riding helmets are a good idea.
  71. Where to step to avoid all sorts of animal droppings… Horse, cow, chicken, dog.
  72. How to tell the difference between wild animal droppings – bear, coyote, deer, moose.
  73. Why it’s important to always tell someone that you are heading out alone into the bush and what direction you’ve chosen.
  74. How to wash eggs carefully.
  75. Why to save egg shells and how to use them when planting tomatoes.
  76. How to pull weeds effectively.
  77. How to water a garden well.
  78. What the best times to water a garden are.
  79. Why it’s important to turn a hose off after you are done using it.
  80. The importance of water conservation when you are on a well system.
  81. What to do and who to call when your well isn’t working.
  82. What a safe distance is to keep from a porcupine in your backyard.
  83. Why dogs and porcupines aren’t a good combination.
  84. How to remove porcupine quills from a dog.
  85. The joy of being a kid and running around naked in the backyard in the summer.
  86. Why it’s important to wear clothes when you walk out to the main road or when the gas company guys show up.
  87. How to treat a sunburn with aloe Vera.
  88. How to wash a car using a bucket of soapy water, some sponges and a hose.
  89. Why it’s important to check the weather forecasts for thunderstorms before washing a car outside.
  90. Why the best place to watch a thunderstorm is from the covered porch.
  91. How to identify tornado clouds.
  92. Where to go to be safe if you spot a tornado.
  93. How to remove a tree that has fallen on your house.
  94. How to construct things: chicken pens, tree houses, animal shelters.
  95. How to handle a hammer safely.
  96. Why it’s important to return tools when you are done using them. Especially if you’ve borrowed them.
  97. What happens when we or pets get old.
  98. How to perform a physical assessment on a sick dog.
  99. How to bury a dog with a tractor.
  100. Care and feeding of a puppy.
  101. …. To be continued

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6 thoughts on “100 Things Kids Learn On a Homestead

  1. We home-schooled our kids too. We don’t live on a farm but we found many other ways to stretch our kids and homeschooling gave us more time to develop our relationships and pass character qualities and a good sense morals down to them. You’ve shared quite a great list of teaching opportunities with your kids! They are blessed!! Good Job!!


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