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Felt Food: Cookie Baking Set

Photo collage of felt food cookie baking set construction.
Photo by Prairie Girl, All rights reserved

I have really been enjoying making my girls some felt foods and toys. They are so easy to make, and it is such a homegrown thing. I get the same sense of satisfaction and being “in touch” with what I’m creating as I do when I’m cooking something from scratch. Also, maybe it’s just my imagination, but I think that they play longer and more interactively with the felt foods than their plastic counterparts.

This project was a cute cookie dough baking set that I was inspired to do after seeing a similar set at My Mommy Makes It. All I needed was 2 sheets of light brown, 1 sheet of medium brown, my sharp embroidery scissors, and my felting tool. This tool has made all the difference, because that means NO SEWING!!  I use the Clover Pen Style Needle Felting Tool, and you can get one here.

I started with cutting a freehand shape from a sheet of light brown that looked sort of like a dough shape. Basically the whole sheet but with rounded curvy edges. Then I put that on top of the other brown sheet, and then needle punched it together by going around the edge. (I use my felt punch on top of a craft pillow rather than using a pre-purchased brush form). Once secured, I cut the excess edge off.

Now, using cookie cutters, I traced some shapes and then cut them out carefully, without damaging the cut outs.

Then I sealed the inside edges of the “dough” with the needle punch once the pieces were all cut out.
 After it was all secure, I turned it over and clipped away all the little hairs that the needle punch produces, to give it a clean finish.
There, that piece is done… now the cookies.

Each cutout produced 2 pieces, but you only need one from each shape. I put each shape onto a piece of med brown felt and punched it together, then cut the shape out. This gives you a cookie that has a lighter brown side to match the “dough”, and a darker brown side to look “baked”.

making-a-felt-food-baking-toy-set (5)

Photo of children's pretend cookie baking playset made from felt
Photo by Prairie Girl, All rights reserved

Voila! That sure was easy, and so very cute. You will also love my:

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