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Toy Makeovers: Felt Foods

Before my children were born, I wanted a good collection of felt foods for them to play with. I wanted to be Crafty Mom and sew them all, but of course life got in the way and somehow we ended up with a massive collection of plastic toy foods… exactly what I didn’t want.

So I recently invested in a huge collection of felts, and embarked on my new mission. I figure every time I finish a food, I can get rid of some of the plastic ones. At first I had been trying to hand sew them, and I tell you what, that takes forever. So I got myself a Pen Style Needle Felting Tool (affiliate link), and that tool has made all the difference! Now it’s so fast and easy to put some foods together.

Today I accomplished a breakfast meal of 2 strips of bacon (veggie bacon, actually!), 2 sausages (veggie sausages), and 2 eggs. I also did 2 cherries, but I’ll take a picture of those when I finish a bunch of fruits.

Photo of felt food toy fried eggs, bacon and sausages
Photo by Prairie Girl, All rights reserved

In total, all these items today took me just about an hour to make. No joke. That felting tool makes it all so incredibly fast to put together. With thread and needle I would never have gotten it done. Stay tuned for more creations. I didn’t take pictures to make a tutorial today because I was too busy telling my daughter to stop climbing on my back as I was doing it (she was fascinated) and then I stabbed myself with the needle because I wasn’t watching carefully. Pretty sure you didn’t want to see a tutorial on how to stab yourself.

You will also love my Felt Cookie Baking Set and Felt Green Eggs and Ham.



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