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Building Our Homestead

We live on 80 fully treed acres, surrounded by farmland and good country folk. Although we owned this land for 10 years prior, we made the official move to it in 2010 when we built a home.

My intention was to have a homestead to raise our children; practice and live principles of self reliance; grow and preserve most of our food; raise animals that would provide us with our own meat, milk, eggs, and fibers; home school midst nature; live an organic free range lifestyle, and grow old together enjoying it. My husband’s list of intentions was much shorter – he mostly wanted to avoid the bustle of where we used to live.

It’s now over a year later and I’m quite far behind on my mental “to do” list. Two weeks after we moved in was when I found out I was pregnant…and a very hard winter, difficult pregnancy, and not having my husband home often (he works up north for 7 days at a time) meant that my 2011 plans got pushed into 2012. Well, better late than never, huh?

So here are our goals, what we will work towards in building our little homestead.

2012 GOALS
Clear more trees (5-10 acres) to provide room for outbuildings, animal shelters, and garden
Build chicken coop and run (chicks arrive in March so need to get on that)
Build raised bed boxes for garden
Stake fruit trees that were planted last year
Build raspberry supports
Need Wood shed(s)
Build/buy garden tools shed
Plant garden and built vertical supports
Get a large water tank and mount on trailer for our watering needs (our well output is insufficient for outdoor water demands)
Lay down sidewalk in front yard
Start landscaping front of house (currently a pathetic bed of dirt with some plants, NOT what I’ve envisioned)

Build a workshop for my husband
Build a shelter for tractor (may be combined with shop)
Fence an area for future livestock/goats
Sandbox for kids
Playground area for kids
Outdoor cabin/playhouse for kids
Bigger greenhouse
Expand poultry flock to include turkeys
Add more livestock…horses? sheep? goats? dairy cow?

That’s quite the start, hey? Wish me luck. And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to keep you updated every step of the way.


8 thoughts on “Building Our Homestead

  1. Your lot is beautiful! I have very similar goals too, but I'm probably still many years away from getting a small homestead. In the meantime, I've been gardening and raising chickens in my backyard. I love it! And I can't wait to expand one day and do more.

    Best of luck with 2012!


  2. WOW. We have a few acres, and 2 cows. My hubby is hoping to get some chickens for eggs… I'll be back to visit to see how YOUR chicken adventure goes – to learn from you! 😉


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