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Patient Continuance

Header with caption What Is Patient Continuance?My simple goals for the day usually look like this:

  1. Spend time in the Word with God.
  2. Do our chores.
  3. Have a cuddly book time.
  4. Exercise.
  5. Shower.
  6. Go outside for some nature time and fresh air.
  7. Drink my water.
  8. Feed the pets.
  9. Eat good food frequently.
  10. Organize something.
  11. Keep house tidy.
  12. Blog something uplifting.
  13. Read some uplifting blogs.
  14. Sew something.
  15. Play some music and dance crazy enough to make my girls laugh.
  16. Run an errand into town and get some groceries.
  17. Have a great conversation with my husband.
  18. Read scriptures with my husband.
  19. Bake those cookies C wants to make for daddy.
  20. Grind some wheat.
  21. Bake fresh bread.
  22. Make soy milk.
  23. Start some sprouts.
  24. Journal.
  25. Start some seeds for the garden.
  26. Get my food storage organized.
  27. Cuddle a lot.
  28. Smile a lot.
  29. Get to bed early.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

I would be thrilled if I got even 1/3 of that list done. Seriously now…

My actual day ends up like this:

  1. Wake up against my wishes at 5 after a wakeful night with the baby.
  2. Nurse
  3. Serve breakfast to C (who is also up) at 530 am.
  4. Get myself washed and dressed for the day
  5. Do laundry
  6. Nurse
  7. Wash a load of cloth diapers
  8. Fold everything and put away
  9. Have worship
  10. Nurse
  11. Feed the animals
  12. Prepare and serve lunch
  13. Dishes
  14. Nurse
  15. Start planning supper
  16. Tantrums, discipline, hugs, cleaning up spills, diaper changes, spit ups, snotty noses that need wiping… spontaneous events sprinkled liberally thru the day.
  17. Nurse
  18. Sit and supervise pooping. (Lately C has been scared of pooping so she needs me to be there reading a book and offering encouragement and wiping.)
  19. Administer nap procedure. (Baby naps about 4 times a day, only short naps that take twice as long to actually get her to sleep than she spends asleep.)
  20. Nurse
  21. Serve supper
  22. Baths/Bedtime routine
  23. Nurse
  24. Read books
  25. Spend some time with husband
  26. Collapse into bed

I am constantly on the go. I feel like I’m getting pushed along, rather than in control of my day.

What happened to my goals? My day feels BUSY… but I don’t feel like I accomplished the right things! My day feels like an abject failure if I don’t get my fantasy list of expectations done.

As I lie in bed at night, the guilt starts. I must be a terrible wife. I am not deserving of God’s love! I should pray. But I can’t pray… I didn’t read my scriptures today so God won’t want to hear from the likes of me. My kids deserved better today, I was too impatient. We didn’t even go outside! I didn’t clean out the fridge, I must be a terrible homemaker. I just…… suck.

Whoa. STOP right there, girl.

That thought train is NOT God’s plan for me. Let me try again. What DID I do?

  1. I nurtured my babies.
  2. I fed my family.
  3. I cared for my home.
  4. I helped my children grow up today.
  5. As we worked and played, I taught them about God. We talk about Him liberally at so many opportunities.
  6. We prayed and worshiped.
  7. We loved each other.
  8. I kept everyone safe and warm.
  9. I helped move everyone, including myself, one day closer to our goals.

This seems like a pretty darn good list. Like a pretty darn good day!

“[God] will render to every man according to his deeds: To them who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honor and immortality, eternal life” Romans 2:6-7 (kjv)

God does not want me to be a Supermom. He wants me to continue patiently, each day, always with the goal of eternal life in my sights. THIS is what I need to remember when guilt rears its ugly head. My family deserves me to be the positive, uplifting Mama that God created me to be. One who is accepting and patient with herself. My origin is divine. My potential is as vast as the heavens. But no one expects me to reach my potential all in one day.

It’s hard to remember at times, but I do keep trying. How about you? How do you handle your expectations of your days?



7 thoughts on “Patient Continuance

  1. Oh, this is so much of how I felt (and sometimes still feel)! I love your transparency and honesty about the good, bad and the ugly. the Lord will honor His children who run the race with diligence. I'm so glad you won't allow the devil to win! One thought…I always pray that the Lord will keep us from evil and that He will rebuke the evil one. I works wonders to calm my heart.


  2. Thank you so much for this comment. Yes, I need to constantly remind myself to pray and ask for help… so often the chaos sweeps me away in the moment and I forget to reach out to Him for help.
    Lovely comment, thank you for visiting me.


  3. Hi there. I am your newest follower…I found you on my dear friend's blog, 11th heaven's homemaking haven. This post speaks to me so much. I go to bed kicking myself every night for all that I DON'T do. Such despair! Every.darn.night. But I need to dwell on what I DO accomplish, if it is tangible or not. This was a wonderful reminder. I don't need to become complacent…I can always strive to do better tomorrow…but what I did today was also very worthy. I'm excited to read your wisdom and advice everyday!


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