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Breaking Ground

A solitary evergreen tree in a grassy meadow against a blue sky.
A view of an evergreen tree in a grassy field. Photo credit:

New is scary, exhilarating, and refreshing. It can be downright terrifying. New school, job, haircut, baby – even a new pair of shoes can be a painful and difficult process. My last year was pretty intimidating for me…. Alot of new things all at once. I was overwhelmed and on auto pilot, just getting swept along for the ride without really being able to take the time to savor the wonderfulness of it all.

Last year we moved to a new county, a new town, a brand new home, a new lifestyle…and 3 weeks into it found out we were to be blessed with a new addition to our family. My husband of 11 years and I had decided to leave city life to raise our spirited 3 year old daughter on a peaceful paradise of 80 acres. A difficult pregnancy and hard first winter stifled any immediate plans I had had for an insta-homestead. The chickens, milk cow, goats, garden, cats, and horses would all have to wait a bit. All in due time, I had to reassure myself.

And that time is now. My whirlwind life has slowed just a smidge now, as my new baby is now a beautiful 6 month old girl who adores playing with her sister. I am able to sit back now and survey my wonderfully blessed life, smile peacefully, and say “Thank you, God.”

My dreams for our new life were to be as self-sustaining as possible, learning to live with the land and appreciate its every offering. This blog will chronicle my baby steps of nurturing my children and family, while I incorporate raising chickens, milking goats and cows, preserve food, tame the land, homeschool my children, grow nourishing food, clothe and feed my family….and above all, worship and honor my Creator. Without Him, none of this would be possible.

Here goes…


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